January 2, 2018

Pre-ICO Lists

Pre-ICO or ICO presale is a form of initial coin offering which takes place before the actual ICO or token sale. This way the company can raise funds for its marketing efforts towards the main ICO. Coins sold during pre-ICO are discounted usually between 10 to 40 % comparing to ICO and company aims to raise less money than during ICO.

* This is not a financial advice. *

ICO AlertIn it's own words: "ICO Alert is the only comprehensive list of ICOs."42768
ICO WatchlistDiscover the best ICOs and pre-ICOs.82137
One ICO a DayList of ICOs and pre-ICOs with one main interesting handpicked token sale a day.92140
Top ICO List Finding a pre-ICO with a bonus of 40% or more compared to the ICO price is not all that uncommon (exciting right!)124103

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