December 30, 2017

ICO Lists

A comprehensive list of sites and directories which are offering ongoing Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) and token sales in the Crypro world. It’s a list of lists.

You can sort sites according to Alexa Rank “RANK”.

ICO (initial coin offering) or token sale is a public IPO-like event where a crypto company emits tokens to raise funds for its project. These tokens or coins could be later sold by the investors on exchanges. It usually takes 6 months or year till the tokens are free to be exchanged.

Lists of ICOs:

Token MarketTrade and research 689 blockchain assets. Organize token sales.17219
ICO DropsICODrops is our view on the constantly growing ICO world. We’ve created and constantly update 3 useful lists: Active ICOs, Upcoming ICOs and Ended ICOs for everyone who is interested in ICOs and wants to stay current on the topic. The lists look like a kanban board (Inbox, In Progress, Done).27447
Coin ScheduleThe Best Cryptocurrency Token Sales and ICO List
Listing Cryptocurrency ICOs, Token Sales, Blockchain Events and ICO Stats
Cryptocoin ChartsList of Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) which are currently in the funding phase. These cryptocurrencies are not in circulation yet but might offer significant discounts when buying into their ICO supply or offer free coins.39517
Coin HillsThanks to the reliability of the blockchain technology and the expansion of the relevant industries, ICO ( Initial Coin Offering ) is rapidly taking its place in a new method of crowdfunding. Here you will be able to see the information of new projects and watch their interesting futures.41921
ICO RatingICORating is a rating agency that issues independent analytical research, evaluating ICO projects and assigning them ratings.

ICO AlertICO Alert is the trusted ICO Discovery Platform
of active and upcoming Initial Coin Offerings.

ICO Alert: the Trusted Source for ICO Information
FX EmpireBig Forex, stocks and Crypto information platform.57863
CoinStalkerWe have already showcased what an ICO is. Now the big question is, how to structure all those coming, ongoing and finished ICO pre-sales and sales. We’ve tried many different options, and it seems that a table is the best option to track all of the Initial Coin Offerings.72391
CryptonomosCryptonomos makes it safe and easy to buy a variety of tokens on one platform.76727
ICO TrackerThis project was started on another domain and as simple tool exclusively for personal purposes. But after few weeks 4 investors from gave me some reason to enhance it into public state and call him ICO Tracker.86773
One ICO a DayList of ICOs and pre-ICOs with one main interesting handpicked token sale a day.92140
ICO WatchlistDiscover the best ICO (initial coin offering) opportunities. Review this list daily to stay on top of the exponentially growing cryptocurrency & blockchain ecosystem. The projects on the ICO list are scanned and updated daily, to help crypto investors make better investment decisions.92159
Crypto PotatoBlog with extensive ICO list100126
Token TopsThe best new ICO’s tokens were added to our listing with detailed reviews and ratings and experiences made by real people.103196
Smith + CrownWe maintain both a curated and comprehensive list of ongoing and upcoming Tokens Sales, ICOs (initial coin offerings) and crowdsales. We provide several tiers of research at our own discretion. We don't perform in-depth research on every project.104604
The BlockchainBlockchain News is your source for the latest news and opinion on Blockchain and Distributed Ledger technology and intelligence.118739
ICO BazaarDelivering independent insight into cryptoassets125002
Top ICO ListTop ICO List is the ultimate ICO listing website with all the important Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), token sales and cryptocurrency crowdsales in one place. Top ICO List is a regularly updated initial coin offering list where you can find the best upcoming ICO to keep your eye on, invest in the best currently active ICOs or simply check out past ICOs and how they performed. Start using our cryptocurrency ico list and discover the best initial coin offerings for 2017.128027
BitcoinXICOs, Token Sales, Crowdsales131335
ICO HolderICOholder is a platform that was established to provide its users reliable information about the best Initial Coin Offering projects and help ICOs attract more investors.137503
ICO ListThe oldest and most popular list of ICOs143989
ICO CountdownICOCOUNTDOWN.COM gives spotlight to new crypto projects with a focus on crowdfunding methodology, ICOCOUNTDOWN.COM also conducts due diligence to ascertain viability of these projects. Welcome to the future.164158
Bitcoin ChaserNews, Interviews and Information about Upcoming ICOs.166867
Satoshi BakerySatoshiBakery is a site repository with everything related to crypto including ICOs.170286
FoxicoFoxico is the most complete listing of projects that conduct ICO with the most trustworthy ICOs ratings from blockchain experts and investors.186317
CoinistCoinist is a HUB for crypto enthusiasts who want to stay ahead of the crowd on topics relating to digital currency, app tokens, blockchain technology, fintech and finance.258445
Crypto EconomyIn our market events countdown calendar you will find the best blockchain projects with plenty of information and links.

All events are sorted in 3 stages: Ongoing events, next events and passed events.

If you want us to add your ICO, mining, sharedrop or snapshot, send us an email and our expert team will review your project to ensure it matches with our quality standards and it will be published in our lists.
Coin Market PlusWe list new Cryptocurrency Projects going into Crowdfunding, you will find here extensive list of all such projects/tokens along with details which will help you to analyse project to make investment on right project.310090
The TokenerThe tokener is a ICO/Token sale directory. We aim to publish detailed reports of all finished, ongoing and future ICO's and token sales. The website is built with solid technical background. Which enables us to iterate The Tokener to a full fledged information platform incrementally.344415
ICO IndexWe are aiming to make Initial Coin Offerings transparent, easy to understand and available for everyone.445324
ICO Market DataICO Market Data is a comprehensive ICO platform offering a useful way of
filtering scams and making sense of the current ICO landscape.
ListICOList of ongoing ICO sales.662306
Wiser ICOICO calendar, reviews and ratings for potential investors.685641
Crypto SmileCryptoSmile is a blog that contains a variety of news / updates and the latest news relating to the crypto world.
News-official launching blogs since February 2016 with the mission to provide useful information to the virtual world of news readers. This blog is itself a category Personal blog and News.
ICO MarksICOmarks is an independent platform for the analysis and research of ICO (Initial Coin Offering). We have our own rating system that we use to compile a list of the most promising projects, a calendar of upcoming/ending ICOs, and a tool for tracking token stats that are already being traded.
Research 1200+ Cryptocurrency ICOs.
BestCoins.coBestcoins is an open community of ICO investors, technology enthusiast and founders. It is an alternative to Telegram.741369
Alcoin AlertsAltcoin Alerts constantly updates us with a list of cryptocurrency and tokens projects and all related news and press releases.761859
ICO ClapIt's All About(ICO) Invest smarter
Potential. Capacity. Global payments - List it and Launch it.
ICO BufferCrypto crowdsales at one place.1001737
ICO LinkPresenting ICOs and sharing news in Cryptocurrency world1405168
ICO, your online resources on ICO (Initial Coin Offering). On this website you can find regularly updated list of current ICOs, upcoming ICOs, ICO news, as well as other resources related to ICO.1417155
Hub ICOHubcoin ICO tracker is ready.
It is the most complete ICO list in the world for now: 767 live+upcoming ICO
You can read the announce and comparison with another trackers in our thread
Last CryptoThis actually works with links and stuff! This is so cool. Big Indian project showing ICOs.1599825
Coin.ExpertTop ICO and Token Sale List with paid suggestions.2959283
ICO-map.ioWith you can put your Upcoming or Ongoing ICO on the MAP and ivestors easily can find and track ICOs. is an ICO listing website which provides a list of the best upcoming and ongoing ICOs (initial coin offerings). We listing new ICOs on our website. We also try to give as much information as possible about this newly forming Blockchain and Cryptocurrency world.3063917
ICO ListerCryptocurrency ICOs and Token Sales.4786125

Please bear in mind that cryptocurrency world is a Wild West with extreme risks which shouldn’t be taken lightly. I condemn all novice investors to stay away from ICOs and cryptos or invest only what you can lose.

* This is not meant to be a financial advice. *

Please tell us your opinions and reviews of our list.

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